Why start now?

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Yes, why now?  Well, it’s been on my mind to start a blog for ages, but I’ve always been confounded by the technology – even though I’ve read so many books about it.    So what was different about today?

Difficult to know, really.  It was another dull and rainy morning in London (although it has brightened a bit now), and I was hit with the sudden realisation that here we are, two thirds of the way through NaNoWriMo, and the most I’ve written of my new book is 1,000 words, most of which I’ll probably scrub when I do my first rewrite.

So, if I’ve not been writing, what have I been doing?

Well, the answer is simple.  After living in London for over thirty years, it’s only really now that I’m taking advantage of it.  Most people seem to want to move away once they’ve retired, but this option has been taken away from me by a husband who is a committed city dweller and can’t bear the idea of living more than a short train journey away from the Opera House.  So I’m learning to make the most of it.

This month I have visited the magnificent Roman eagle on display at the Museum of London, the new Stanley Spencer exhibition at Somerset House, and last, but certainly not least, the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow.

And what do all these things have in common?

They are all FREE!

And that’s what I’m discovering:  in a city which is noted for being one of the most expensive in the world, there is a wealth of museums and attractions which we can visit for nothing.

With regard to the William Morris Gallery, however, this is a museum I should have visited years ago.  When I’m not writing or out on the town, I dabble in soft furnishings, and I remain an ardent Morris fan.  I love the designs and the jewel-like colours, and the way they are still so perfect today, especially in London’s Victorian houses.

When the rain eventually cleared, I walked round the garden where, as a child, Morris used to re-enact knights in shining armour scenes around the medieval moat.  And there, by the moat, was a weeping willow, just catching the last of the sun’s rays.  Was this the inspiration for Willow Bough?



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3 responses to “Why start now?

  1. Wish I could make my blog attractive ike yours. I’m impressed. And enjoyed reading it too. Some day might get to the Morris place – and you’ve inspired me to make more use of all the things Oxford has to offer.

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