Got to keep going!


Yes, well now I’ve started here comes the difficult bit – I’ve got to keep going!

It’s Monday again, and I have the usual empty feeling.  I should be rejoicing:  I have the house to myself and I am the only one who hasn’t had to get up early to go to work/school.

Yet, somehow, it’s always the low point of the week. Perhaps old habits die hard, and something in me deep down would rather be getting up at the crack of dawn, snatching a hurried breakfast, and then doing battle with the other commuters on London Transport…

Oh no, I don’t think so!  How could I possibly want to go back to the bad old days?

It’s more to do with the fact that I actually like having my family around me, even if we do spend a lot of the time in our separate rooms, just meeting up occasionally for meals.

And it’s another five days until I’ll be out riding again with my teenage daughter. This is the time when we work together, rather than against one another.  It’s a pretty constant battle keeping our wayward pony on the straight and narrow, and we are always devising strategies to make him do what we want, not what he wants.

But when he’s going well, I can relax and take in the beauty around us.  Autumn has lasted a long time this year, and the trees in the park where we ride are still gorgeous shades of russet and copper. As I plod along, I generally find myself musing along the lines that these could be the very trees which the pre-Raphaelite  artists painted all those years ago, and it is at these times that my own brain switches into creative mood.  Not that I would dare compare myself with such eminent artistic geniuses, you understand, but being out in the fresh air always opens up my mind, and I come back feeling I could take on the whole world.

I just wish that this feeling wasn’t so short-lived.  Here I am again, Monday morning and hemmed in.

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