Countdown deal

Pony Tricks Cover

I’m watching the minutes tick away to 8am when Pony Tricks embarks on its first ever Amazon countdown deal – and wondering if I will get this post out on time.

Other people have already written a lot about the pros and cons of free ebooks, and I suppose I sit somewhere in the middle.  There is absolutely no doubt that offering a book for free gets you noticed, but there must come a point when authors expect to make money from their work.  So perhaps Amazon’s countdown deal is a happy medium.

But there is one practice I abhor:  there are too many people who don’t see why they should have to pay for a book at all.  They download your book, read it, and then return it within seven days, thus obtaining a full refund.  How can this be stopped?

Pony Tricks is on countdown until 6 December, which essentially means that today it won’t cost very much, and on 6 December it will cost just a little more than not very much!

There!  Rant over and more or less  made it – 0801, except I’ve just noticed that the deal starts at 0800 PST, so here there are still a few hours to go!


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