2014 Fireworks

november 001 - CopyEvery so often, my husband and I sit down to “reconcile” our diaries and make sure we both know what’s going on.  It sounds simple enough, but somehow these times of reconciliation are always contentious and end on a bad tempered note.

So, imagine my dismay when my husband announced that, from now on, he’d be asking our soon to be 17 year old daughter to join us.  Of course I counselled against this, saying that this would just add to the general frustration, but he insisted on having his own way.

Last night we all sat down with our diaries and, sure enough, voices rose and tempers were sorely tested, and we had only got as far as 11 January.  What’s special about 11 January, you might ask? Well, Brightlight, if you’re reading this, I’m afraid to say it’s your fault!

“What do you mean it’s the Grosvenor House?  I’ve got it down as the Waldorf and I’ve already crossed out the Savoy!”  (By the way, we are looking forward to 11 January!)

And then matters deteriorated even further as our daughter insisted on writing down every last detail of our arrangements, even when they didn’t involve her.  Instead of just putting “parents at concert”, she insisted on the full details, including names of the composers and their works, asking for correct spellings when she didn’t know them, and then adding her own annotation: “evening in front of TV”. Yes, she knew full well that she was winding us up and she was secretly enjoying every minute of it.

Right at the end I mentioned an April appointment with the oncologist.

“Which one of you is that for?”  she said.


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  1. Victoria

    Sounds like your diary meetings are turning into summits. So glad the 11th survived – even with all the crossings out. Looking forward to you being there very much!

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