end of Christmas 007 - CopyBy rights, this should be the worst day of the year for me:  it’s Monday, it’s pouring with rain, it’s back to school for my daughter, my husband is back at work, and I’ve got two under-exercised horses who badly need to go out on a hack which isn’t going to happen.

Yet I’m feeling strangely upbeat.

There are snowdrops and hellebores coming out in the garden; my third novel is now well underway; and there’s plenty to look forward to in London this winter.  I”ve got a list of lunchtime concerts as long as my arm at venues such as the Bishopsgate Institute, St Martin in the Fields, and St Vedast alias Foster (a church designed by Christopher Wren and situated near St Paul’s Cathedral).  So I’m looking forward to plenty of Beethoven and Schubert, among others.

A first for me will be the ice sculpting festival at Canary Wharf this coming weekend, where there will be an opportunity to watch internationally acclaimed sculptors at work, and, I hope, the opportunity to create my own ice penguin or polar bear, and again, it’s all free!

So it’s not all doom and gloom, although I’m sad that the snow’s disappeared off the blog and that my next task this morning is dismantling Christmas trees.


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