#World Cancer Day

WCD_Logo_RGB_2012I have to confess, this one had passed me by until I was handed a scruffy sheet of paper (probably not even A8 in size and with very little information) when I was leaving my local hospital this afternoon.  Strangely enough, my husband, who was having chemo, hadn’t clocked it either.  And neither was there anyone on the hospital’s Macmillan stand in the foyer to promote it.

Having looked at the website, I’ve taken http://www.worldcancerday.org/ up on their offer of displaying their logo on my own site on the grounds that the more people who are aware of cancer the better; but I have to say that the information on the site was all rather vague, and I noted that well known cancer organisations in this country do not appear to be partners in this venture.


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  1. Victoria

    Didn’t know about this day either A. Hope the third chemo went well and P not suffering side effects to badly.

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