Just when they think they’re growing up

For some time now, it’s been impossible to offer our teenage daughter any suggestions or advice, however subtly veiled, without eliciting the response, “I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW“, uttered with a great deal of force and at the high end of the decibel scale.

Last week, our problems were compounded when she started driving lessons.  We’re not teaching her ourselves, I hasten to add – after all, there couldn’t possibly be anything we know which she hasn’t already mastered.  No, the problem arises when I’m driving and she’s in the car with me, and I have to think very carefully every time I perform a manoeuvre.  Any carelessness, such as coasting round a corner in fourth gear only to slip down into second immediately afterwards, is greeted with the following quip: “You’d never pass your driving test like that!”

So, imagine our glee when we received a letter from school yesterday informing us that we should congratulate our daughter on the excellent plasticine model she had just made.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a photograph I can share with you, but, judging from the description of said model (“cellulose  and microfibrils” – and I’m not even sure I’ve got that right)  I can only assume that it is truly representative of the work of a two year old at his or her best!


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