A touch of luxury

I loved the Italian fashion exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.  Pure escapism!

The exhibition gave an interesting account of the growth of Italian fashion houses since the Second World War, and it was packed full of intricate designs and vibrant colours.  Even with my very limited knowledge of these matters, I could see that some of the earlier designs would still look chic today, and, in some cases, I was able to spot the designer before I read the label – some designers seem to have remained true to their original ideas right down the decades.  I particularly liked the Emilio Pucci beach outfit (perhaps without the belt for me) and the Ferragamo multi-coloured wedge sandals -again, just me, I thought, although I would find the height of the wedge a bit prohibitive and would have to lie back on my lounger and just gaze in wonder and admiration at them.

More surprising, though, it even occurred to me that I could have donated the odd exhibit myself.  I’m sure my D and G checked jacket with the bright green Mongolian sheep’s wool collar and my gorgeous Gucci boots with the 9 cm heels would have been perfectly at home there.  Needless to say, I’ve hardly ever worn the boots and my ankles swell in anticipation every time I look at them.

While there is a charge for the exhibition, entrance to the V&A remains free.  My visit was also a reminder that nothing can beat London on a warm sunny day, and there were plenty of families sitting in the central Italian garden, enjoying watching their children paddling and splashing in the lake.




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