Saving the best till last

Greenwich again 010-001
Yes, I know I’ve already had two posts about London’s book benches…but I’ve absolutely loved them, and they have provided a good excuse to go out and enjoy the late summer sunshine.

I’ve sampled three of the trails available and have seen twenty out of the fifty benches on show (or even fifty one – I believe there’s an extra one tucked away in the Guardian‘s office at Kings Cross), but I think my favourite ones are three from yesterday.  Two are on the Riverside Trail (Shakespeare and Paddington Bear – not normally mentioned in the same sentence), and the other one is at Greenwich (Samuel Pepys and a wonderful representation of the Fire of London).

On Monday, the benches will start to disappear and they will then be auctioned off at the South Bank Centre on 7 October, with the proceeds going to the National Literacy Trust.  So tomorrow will really be the last day to see them in all their glory.

Going back to yesterday:  I discovered that if I stared long and hard enough, people would generally get up from the benches and let me photograph benches minus occupants.  Moreover, I found that there were other enthusiasts who were also prepared to “stare” people off the benches, and that there is quite a community of bench spotters out there wanting to swap stories and experiences.

Tomorrow looks fine in London, so why not get out while there’s still time?

Greenwich again 016-001


Greenwich again 045-001




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