It’s October…

Chelsea Flower Show 2012 008

…so it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

As those of you who follow my heroine Julie will know, Julie has been a breast cancer patient for about four years now.

Ironically, she was first diagnosed in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and she had an operation shortly after that.  Unfortunately, Julie’s cancer had spread to bones in her hips and back, so she has never been cured. Thanks to the expertise of the doctors and nurses who look after her, however, her condition has been stabilised, and she leads a normal life. In fact, as well as solving murder mysteries, she has branched out even further and developed her own small floristry business.  To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she has turned her signature red rose bouquet pink.

Julie supports Breast Cancer Care, and a donation from sales of the first two books in the Julie Lane Murder Mystery Series goes to this charity.  Breast Cancer Care works tirelessly to help other women like Julie who suffer from this potentially life threatening disease.

Why not click on the images below and you too can support the many, many women living with breast cancer.

(Please note that the images lead to the Kindle versions on Amazon.  Amazon does not allow the display of logos on book covers, so, unfortunately, the Kindle versions do not have the pink Proud to Support Breast Cancer Care badge on them.  However, there is a clear statement inside the ebooks to the effect that a donation from the sale of each book goes to Breast Cancer Care.)

Art of Killing cover

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