It’s official!

looking for death

Looking for Death will be published on 2 June, but it is available for pre-order from today!

So why 2 June?

Well, this gives ample time for my proofreaders to finish their work, and, besides, I always like to choose significant dates and this one just happens to be my mother’s birthday.  While the book is not actually dedicated to her (it’s dedicated to Carol and Lynda, two close friends), she has, as usual, gone over it with a fine tooth comb, so it’s my way of saying thank you.  The first book in the series, The Art of Killing , however, is dedicated to her.

Julie has been looking forward to staying with her friend Isobel in Tuscany for a long time and sees it as an opportunity to relax and enjoy herself after a difficult spell at home. But things aren’t what they should be in Isobel’s Tuscan villa, and Julie’s holiday is completely wrecked by the bizarre antics of the other guests. So much so, that it’s a relief to be home again.

But this is precisely when the trouble starts for Julie. The more she thinks about it, the more she is convinced that one of Isobel’s guests should have been murdered, but which one and why? And how on earth is she going to prove her theory without so much as a corpse as evidence?

But Julie brings her unerring logic to bear until she arrives at the devastating truth.

As ever, though, this isn’t just a murder mystery. Annabel Austen continues to explore her theme of life after cancer, and this time there is an added dimension as Julie’s husband, Tom, has also been receiving treatment for cancer. Just as Julie’s cancer is based on Annabel’s, Tom’s experiences are largely drawn from those of Annabel’s own husband. So again, in however small a way, Annabel hopes that this book may give some hope to the many thousands of people who also suffer from this dreadful disease.


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