The Peasenhall Murder

This is the book I’ll be reading over Easter.

I was lucky enough to get it (very quickly) through one of Amazon’s partner booksellers, and I can’t wait to read it.

I’ve actually known about its contents for a very long time:

One day back in 1987 I remember standing at the sink doing the washing up (those were the days!) when there was an item about this murder on Radio 4. The victim was a twenty two year old servant girl, Rose Harsent, and the murder took place at about midnight on 31 May 1902.  Her body was found at the foot of the stairs. The chief suspect, one William Gardiner, stood trial twice but was never convicted, and, at the time of Gardiner’s death in 1941, the case still hadn’t been solved.

And it hasn’t been solved to this day.

Easter garden 028

But my interest doesn’t stop there.

You see, very many years ago, and well before 1987, I happened to stay in the house where the murder was committed. At that time it belonged to one of my uncles, and even then I think I knew a murder had taken place there. There was even some suggestion that the house could be haunted by the ghost of the servant girl, Rose Harsent, but this didn’t bother me.  On the contrary, I have happy memories of time spent building sandcastles and riding up and down the beach on my uncle’s back.  It was in the days when the sun always shone during the summer holidays.

Although there is no longer a family connection with the house, I have driven past it several times in recent years, and, despite a new coat of paint, it is still recognisable as the house I stayed in all those years ago.

And, In a few weeks’ time, I hope to be driving past it once more…


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