My favourite tree

It’s all eyes on the cherry tree at the bottom of the garden, waiting for the moment when it bursts into blossom.  And, given a few more days like today, it shouldn’t be long now.

But it isn’t my favourite tree.

My favourite tree is a variegated maple which doesn’t have any blossom at all and is rather slow coming into leaf. However, when it does, it’s a glorious profusion of pale green and gold and it provides shade all through the summer as I sit on my lounger reading, writing, or sipping a glass of chilled white wine.  There’s often a cat underneath the lounger, and the cats also use the tree as a way up to their lookout post on the summer house roof.  Unfortunately, they always come down that way, too, landing very heavily on my tummy!

To date,the tree has appeared on two of my book covers, and, in my mind’s eye, it’s the tree Julie is sitting under at the end of her latest murder mystery, Looking for Death.

Fullscreen capture 31082014 140730

Fullscreen capture 08042015 112743The tree has been here ever since we first moved into our house over twenty five years ago and I can’t imagine the garden without it.


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