Happy Mother’s Day!

Well, in the UK at any rate.

But I’m not going to write about what Julie’s doing for Mother’s Day, although I expect it’s much the same as I’m doing – slumping in front of the television with a nice glass of wine a little later on.

No, I’m actually going to write about the idea of coincidence.

I went shopping for a Mother’s Day card rather late on Friday and just hoped it arrived on time.  It did, but a little later than the one my sister sent.

And my mother, who’s on the ball every bit as much as Julie is, noticed something funny right away.  Mine looked exactly the same as the first card she had received, even though she hadn’t opened it yet.  I suppose it must have been the size and the rather classy envelope which gave the game away.

So she was geared up to the fact that she was going to open two cards which were identical, and she wasn’t disappointed.

Now, neither my sister nor I had discussed the matter, and, moreover, we live hundreds of miles apart and, presumably, both of us had a fine selection from which to make our choice.  It was just coincidence.  And it’s not the first time it’s happened, either.

Actually, coincidences happen all the time, and I suppose it’s inevitable when people have similar interests or belong to particular groups or organisations.  Even in London, which you’d think was a big enough place for people to get thoroughly lost, I’m always meeting people whom I either know personally or who know other friends and acquaintances, and it is because we have similar interests and move in the same circles.  And it happens when constructing murder mysteries too, because, when you think about it, the author is creating a world in which the characters come together for a reason.  They have something in common, or they wouldn’t be there.

Getting back to the cards, though, I’m reliably informed that mine is the one on the right! Sorry about the blurry picture.

At least there are three of us, and one of the cards is a little different!



























































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