Model for friendship


It’s a very special day for my friend Yvonne today – she has a significant birthday, and I hope she has a wonderful time.  Unfortunately I won’t be seeing her today, but we will be getting together later next week, and I expect we will create some more happy memories like the one above – this photograph was taken in the gardens of Lambeth Palace, and going round gardens is one of the things we enjoy doing together.

Yvonne happens to be one of the dedicatees of No Accounting for Deathwhich is free in her honour today.  However, the fact that she is a dedicatee does not mean that she is a model for any of the characters in the book.  In fact, Julie is always slightly concerned about her friends and their reliability, and, in this book, she still can’t help harbouring doubts about Isobel, even though they have known one another for some time.  I have often thought that Julie would really much prefer a friend like Yvonne, who is always caring and thoughtful and the first person on the scene if anything goes wrong, and, over the years, we have enjoyed many, many good times together.

Today is very much about Yvonne, but No Accounting for Death is also dedicated to another good friend, Victoria, whom I haven’t known for quite so long, but she and I have also had a lot of memorable times, introducing one another to new places and sharing our great love of cats.  Victoria isn’t a model for any of Julie’s friends either, but she is another person whom Julie would rather like to know.

And, unlike Julie’s friends, my friends don’t land me in horrible messy situations – unless, of course, you count the day we came home covered in mud after a cold and wet afternoon by the Quaggy River…

Happy birthday Yvonne!



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  1. Victoria

    Lovely photo. Happy birthday Yvonne. I think I may have had the same pair of shoes! For anyone who happens to come across this blog and not yet read a Julie Lane thriller, then you should. They are rather good.

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