Are my books for you?

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I’ve just spent yet another depressing afternoon reading about the importance of marketing. Honestly, marketing is one of the most difficult things about being an author these days, and most of us would rather get on with the serious business of writing rather than have to worry about matters in which we have little or no experience. But the truth is that there are just so many books around- some would say far too many are published – that you can’t sit back and let it all happen because it won’t. The fact of the matter is that publishing has never been easier, so more and more of us can realise our ambition, but perhaps the downside is that marketing has never been more difficult – this despite Face Book and Twitter and all manner of other social media.  Just to add to the gloom, I also have some recollection of a Society of Authors meeting where some one made the point that even people who are already famous have virtually a whole department handling their publicity. So what hope do the rest of us have?

Part of the answer seems to be to define one’s niche, and there are handy categories and search terms to include when publishing on Amazon to assist with this.  Even so, I can’t be really sure that I’m reaching out to my target audience, so I thought it might be useful to define it.

Do you like murder mysteries with the emphasis on solving the plot rather than blood and gore (cozy mysteries in today’s parlance)?

Do you like to read about women who are probably experiencing the same mid-life traumas that you are?  You know, empty nest syndrome, the need to find a new role for oneself, the need to prove that you’re still wanted?

Are you coping with serious illnesses like cancer and want to know about other people in the same boat?

Do you like flower arranging and other domestic activities?

If the answer to any one of these questions is “yes”, than my books are probably for you!

Oh, and it might help if you have at least a passing interest in animals given heroine Julie’s penchant for labradors.

In short, Julie is a down to earth housewife whose experience of mothering twins has given her an intuition second to none along with a nose for scenting out trouble where no one else can even see that there’s anything wrong.

To me, though, Julie is a friend and companion as we journey through the ups and downs of cancer together.  Apparently there is nothing quite like a serious illness to spur one to writing!

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