New venture for Julie!

Julie’s World of Flowers  is now a year old,  and it has spent a large part of the last three months in the US Amazon top 100 for flower arranging.

So maybe it’s doing something right.  It was only ever intended as a bit of fun and an introduction to flower arranging for those who have no previous experience.  The emphasis is very much on creating something beautiful without having to pay the earth. Julie is renowned for her thrift and reluctance to spend much money on herself.  The only departure from this philosophy since I’ve known her was her decision to buy a rather grand red car to transport her creations in.

Up to now, World of Flowers has only existed as a Kindle ebook, so to celebrate its first anniversary, Julie (and I) have decided to experiment with making a paperback in colour and to have a little more fun!

Fullscreen capture 5122016 21328 PM


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